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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By MPH Pressure Washing

At MPH Pressure Washing, we earned our impeccable reputation by taking exceptional care of the customer, every time. Whether you need pressure washing in Charlotte or just have questions about the industry first, we're here to meet those needs and exceed your expectations.

How Often Should I Get My House Washed?

As a general rule of thumb, you should plan on having the outside of your home washed once a year. For some homeowners, this may need to happen more frequently - it all depends on factors such as the amount of shade on your property and the weather that year. MPH Pressure Washing takes great pride in building custom plans for homeowners to meet their specific service needs.

Is It Safe For My Kids Or Pets To Play Outside After You Finish With Pressure Washing?

By hiring a licensed and certified company for pressure washing, there shouldn't be any reason for your yard to be a safe haven for outdoor recreational activities once the power washing is complete. Always use caution to ensure safety on slick surfaces, but avoid working with companies that insist on using harsh chemicals for cleaning because it's not necessary.

What's The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A DIY Pressure Washer?

Although the home improvement retail industry would love to convince every homeowner that they should buy or rent pressure washing equipment and DIY the job, that's not the best approach. For one thing, the professional-grade machinery we use is much more effective and efficient than what's available to the general public. Plus, even with lower-grade equipment, it's easy to cause bodily injury or property damage without proper training, so leave the work to our pressure washers.

Does Your Service Get Rust Stains Out Of My Concrete?

Our standard pressure washing is effective for stubborn stains, but we also offer rust removal. How set in the stain is and how long it's been there are two factors to consider. However, we're almost always able to remove any trace of the rust, or at least diminish it so much it's hardly noticeable.

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